Value. Analysis. Research.

Technology investments can be difficult to quantify. Organization must balance cost, value, and time to market against risk, capabilities, and delivery unknowns. Meaningful business cases can be difficult to create as they rely on value analysis like Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV), which depend upon quality data inputs and an unbiased assessment of technology cost verse capability. Further, the initial identified technology Key Performance Indicators (KPI) rarely link back to actual business value in a meaningful way that allows for real performance measures and controls.

TrizIT consulting offers cost effective up front technology business case creation/analysis designed to quickly align your market driven needs, identify which projects are winners and losers, identify new competitive opportunities, and allow your organization to rapidly move forward focused on the right technology choices incurring the least amount of risk.

Business Case Development

A winning business case is key to drive the decision to initiate a project. Business case ratification requires establishment of a clear understanding of the proposition in terms of business value, strategy alignment, project scope, objectives and a very solid investment appraisal. TrizIT Solutions conducts the detailed analysis and ensures that all aspects of the proposition are appropriately documented, presented, and challenged.  

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Management Consulting

What will it take to position the right technology to make your business stronger? Build business cases based upon your needs today and your strategy for tomorrow. When you need consulting beyond the business case, be it follow on analytics, project initiation/establishment, or other strategy focused activities, we are here to help. Start optimizing your IT investments today by getting the right projects approved fast!

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IT Value

Information Technology ‘value’ is an often misunderstood and loosely defined parameter. The challenge here is that value is generally subjective. Financial value is measured differently than, say, social value. When building IT related business cases, the business case must address financial value, business capability, and software value propositions like ease of change, portability, and market positioning.  

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